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Taxi stop is outside Gate 18, Floor One. When you come out of the Gate 12 - 18, you will see sign like this picture:

Taxi or Bus? Bus or taxi? It is a question. You can turn right for taxi or go direct to the yellow/blue board for buses.

Taxi is very convenient to reach any part of the city, but it is more expense. Please be aware that it is about 40-50 km to most places in downtown areas and it is about one hour's ride. It costs about 120-150 RMB to take Taxi. To the airport bus, it only cost 16-20 RMB, depending on the route you choose.

Taxi stop. Don't get confused when you see no one are waiting for taxi - most people prefer to take bus. Then don't get confused when you see no taxi are waiting. The server will call taxi via his telephone when they see you and a taxi will appear very soon.

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