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December 28, 2004

go home

After two week's travel, we will go back to shanghai tomorrow morning. I am so glad and excite to be back because it is too cold here. :-)

December 05, 2004

Interesting Service

今天在读that's shanghai的Nov版本,发现了两个非常有趣的服务广告,也只有老外才能想得出这样的服务并以此赚钱。与大家分享如下:

Black Rose Break Up Service

只要你付500元钱,这种服务会在midnight把12支染成黑色的玫瑰送给你想送给的人。只想说明:it's over or at least ought to be.

Lifeline Shanghai

Lifeline Shanghai是免费提供支持和信息的免费支持,提供与上海生活相关的通用信息,工作压力,文化差别和关系等方面的支持。服务由志愿者提供。

Donnations and financial support from the community are essential to continue this vital service.